Varagu Noodles-Dhaaniyam 180G

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Varagu is rich in phyto-chemicals and it has excellent antioxidant properties

· Its Dietary fiber protects against hyperglycemia.

· It reduces cholesterol and helps in digestion.

· Has nearly 2.5 times minerals and nearly 38 times fiber and nearly 13 times Iron than Rice.

· Has nearly 6.3 times fiber and nearly 1.8 times Iron than Wheat.

· Has lesser amount of carbohydrates than Wheat and rice and has abundant quantities of Thiamin (Vitamin B1) which is not present in Rice and Wheat.

· Helps lowers risk of type 2 diabetes

· Reduces chances of heart attacks

· Improves digestion

· Protects from breast cancer

protects childhood asthma

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