Sonamasuri Semi Brown Rice Handpounded 5kg

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Sonamasuri Brown Rice
Grown without synthetic Pesticides & GMOs | Whole grain | Source of Dietary Fibre

4 reasons to eat brown rice

  • It is a naturally gluten free grain
  • It is a whole grain and a source of dietary fibre
  • Whole grain cause a slower rise in blood sugar post meal
  • Eating whole grain as a part of healthy life style can help in weight loss

Cooking Brown Rice
Brown Rice is best cooked by slow steaming method. For every cup of rice, add 2 ½ of cups of water and cook it by steaming process under low flame without any weight on the cooker. An electric rice cooker is also very ideal for steaming. It takes around 40-45 min by this method. Alternatively soak every cup of washed rice in 1 ¾ of water for 1 hour. Cook this without changing the water in a pressure cooker or on a microwave like you cook your regular rice. Increase the number of whistles to let the rice cook well.

Cooked Brown Rice does not retain the grain shape like white rice. Due to pressure the outer bran ruptures and the grain opens along the longer axis. This is a characteristic of Brown Rice. The rice is non-sticky but still soft and chewy. It carries the taste of dals and curries very well.

The above is based on a 650 watt microwave. Use only as a guide.

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