Kudampuli 100G

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How does Kudampuli help in weight loss?
The science behind Kudampuli promoting loss of weight is simple. See how it works:


  • Suppresses hunger naturally: We all know that overeating leads of unwanted weight gain. Kudampuli helps in suppressing your appetite and thus, you feel less hungry throughout the day. Your metabolism too is improved.
  • Controls blood sugar level: The extracts of Garcinia Cambodia help to control blood sugar levels. When your appetite is suppressed, not only are you less prone to consume increased amounts of carbohydrates, you are also saved from a spike in blood sugar levels and deposit of fats in your body. It also blocks the enzyme- citrate lyase, which is responsible for the conversion of carbohydrate into sugar and fat.
  • Promotes strong digestive system: Kudampuli protects you from colic pain and irregular movement of bowels. When consumed regularly, Kudampuli tends to strengthen your digestive system and prevents acidity. Your immunity power is also boosted.

Thus, by lessening food craving and improving digestive system, kudampuli is known to promote loss of weight.

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