Fruits, Nuts + Seeds Wholegrain Muesli 400G

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The most nutritious,
delicious muesli.

Forget other muesli. We packed in all the goodness you need to start the morning off right. This highpowered breakfast will make you go, go, go.

What goes in:

  • - 80-90% Whole grains + Nuts + Seeds
  • - Made from 100% Natural Ingredients
  • - Whole grains: Quinoa, Oats and Brown Rice
  • - Rich in Nuts and dried fruits: Almonds, Raisins, Dried Cranberries
  • - Rich in Seeds: Pumpkin, Chia and Flax

Helps in weight loss:
Any healthy muesli is made up of oats, which is full of fiber and keeps you fuller for longer. This helps reduce the boredom cravings.
Muesli for weight loss is usually a compromise on the taste. But it doesn’t have to be one, at least not with our crunchy muesli with fruits, seeds and nuts.
Helps regulate the digestive system:
Muesli cereal is known to be high in fiber and wholegrains, both of which help regulate the digestive system.
High in proteins:
Muesli with milk is an extremely good source of protein. When sufficient protein goes in your body, it automatically improves bone health, nourishes the hair and helps control blood pressure. In addition, protein is also necessary for muscle repair and the overall body development.
Rich in Omega-3:
Since muesli is rich in Omega- 3 fatty acids, it helps nourish skin, maintain your heart health, make your hair stronger, and protect your eyes.
No preservatives:
Our Dark Chocolate+Cranberries muesli oats DO NOT have any added preservatives to give you the best possible breakfast / the first meal of your day!
Good for skin and hair:
Our muesli has all the goodness PLUS dried fruits such as raisins, almonds, apricots and cranberries that help nourish the hair and skin. Mainly, to help you be the best version of yourself with our best muesli- a cute fruity breakfast treat!
No preservatives:
Our Fruits, Nuts+Seeds Muesli does NOT have any added preservatives to give you the best possible breakfast / the first meal of your day!
No artificial sugars:
Our muesli cereal is a “no added sugar muesli”. We use all natural ingredients to make our crunchy, chocolate muesli definitely a healthier breakfast option!
All of this comes with a taste that has crunchy and a fruity kick to it, is healthy all the way, and leaves you thinking “Hmm, I wonder why didn’t I ever try it before!”


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