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Say good morning to Bio Food Hip Tea and be a part of its slimming effect! This tea is packed with the several health benefits of Cassia Angustifolia, a herb which has that is very nutritious and useful for the body. Shed those inches away with this tea!


  • Herbal Tea has been a wellness product for healthy lifestyle for thousand of years. Bio Food Cos Tea is an exclusive, premier class, clinically tested, scientifically formulated, all natural herbal blend. Bio Food Cos Hip Tea can help you with your dieting and weight control in addition to its primary action as a Laxative. It is recommended that you take a cup of Hip Tea every night after dinner. You will soon amazed with the results.
  • The main ingredient of Hip Tea is cassia angustifolia or Senna,used as a laxative, a digestive system cleanser, a method for lowering blood pressure and as an external treatment for skin conditions like ringworm and acne.Cassia angustifolia's strong laxative properties have led directly to its use as a weight loss aid. Senna acts on the smooth muscles of the colon to instigate bowel movements. It can be used as an effective relief from occasional constipation.


Benefits of Hip Tea:

  • The herb, Cassia Angustifolia, stimulates the liver to produce enzymes.​​​

  • It is very fibrous and thus is good for digestion and prevents stomach ailments.​

  • It is also good for treating problems such as loss of appetite and other diseases related to the stomach.​

  • It helps in increasing the peristaltic movement of the intestines and helps in lowering bowels.​

  • It is good for the bones and helps people get rid of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout.



Cassia Angustifolia leaves


How to use:

  • Make sure you use boiling water to make your tea. The temperature of the water is better if it is more than 95º c . Pour a cup of boiling water over on the tea bag.​

  • If the Tea Bag is left in water for about to 3 minutes, it will give you a mild tea with a light color.​

  • If it is kept in water for 4 to 6 min. it will give you a regular strength cup.​

  • If you have one bowel movement every day, it is recommended that you have one cup of tea a day.​

  • Add a little bit of honey or lime for better taste.


Alternative Wellness:

Bio Food Hip Tea can be seen as an alternative for several other teas as it is very nutritious, and contains slimming and laxative properties which make the tea more useful than other teas.


Information about the manufacturer:

This Tea is produced by Bio Foods and Co., a company based in India. It strives at providing its customers with herbal teas which have several health benefits and which are completely natural, without the addition of any kind of chemicals and preservatives.


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