Herbal Jaggery Powder 1KG

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Herbal Jaggery Powder (Mooligai Sakkari) is Healthy substitute for white sugar. Herbal Jaggery Powder contains 12 Herbs with sugarcane jaggery.


        Herbal Jaggery Powder is best healthy substitute for white sugar. It contains 12 herbs with sugarcane jaggery.


• Herbs in Jaggery Powder gives instant energy and more natural benefits.
• Controls Body Heat and Purifies Blood.
• Relief from stomach irritation,cure headaches,helps cold symptoms.
• Provides instant Freshness.


• Healthy/Natural substitute for white sugar.
• Mainly used with tea,coffee preparation.
• Also used with hot water and milk.


• Gall Nut,Amla,Tripula,Licorice,Nutmeg,Aloe vera,Dry Ginger,Pepper,Ginger,Basil Leaf,Adamant,Creeper,Cardamom,Sugarcane juice.

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